Rémi Labed

Digital security officer

remi.labed [at] freedomvoicesnetwork.org
PGP: 0C98 A4FE E78D 9BD8 8386 AC3F B6EF 0BF5 B56C 3DCC

Rémi is a French investigative journalist. He has worked for several major investigative TV programs in France, such as Cash Investigation (France 2), Envoyé Spécial (France 2), Pièces à Conviction (France 3), and Spécial Investigation (Canal +). Last year, he was in charge of the short data visualisation program ”Datalab” at France 2.

A technology enthusiast, Rémi specializes in data-driven investigations and more generally on computer solutions to improve reporting and data collection. As a long-time user of open-source security tools, he oversees digital security at Freedom Voices Network.

Rémi holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from Sciences Po Aix and an MSc in Investigative Journalism from Strathclyde University, Glasgow.