The Forbidden Stories of

They silenced the journalists. They won't silence the stories.

Too many stories remain untold every day

All around the world, journalists face threats, arrest, and murder.
There are stories that corporations, organized crime groups and governments don’t want to see published.

Forbidden Stories has a mission:
bypassing any form of censorship by publishing these stories.

To achieve this, we offer journalists working on a sensitive issue a secure way to backup their work with us.

In case something happens to the journalist, we will be able to pick up the investigation, complete it, and publish it broadly thanks to our collaborative network of news organizations.

By protecting and continuing the work of reporters who can no longer investigate, we can send a powerful signal to enemies of a free press: even if you succeed in stopping a single messenger, you will not stop the message.

The more you donate,
the more investigations we will complete.

Forbidden Stories is a non-profit project which relies on charitable foundations and on financial support from the public.


They support us

Can Dündar

Former editor of the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet

It will send a very clear message to oppressive governments that if they touch a journalist anywhere in the world, many others will be ready to support and follow up their story.”

Khadija Ismayilova

Azerbajani investigative journalist

“What you are suggesting is creating a newsroom for journalists who have no press freedom. You will get fantastic stories.

Marina Walker

Executive editor at Pulitzer Center

“By working together, journalists can make it harder for censorship to win. We’re proud to support Freedom Voices.”

Global Investigative Journalism Network

Forbidden Stories is part of the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

GIJN is the world’s leading international association of investigative reporting organizations, with 187 member organizations in 78 countries.

Fabrice Arfi

Mediapart‘s head of investigations

The finest project of investigative journalism, in solidarity against censorship.

Bastian Obermayer

2017 Pulitzer Prize winner

“Even if Forbidden Stories rescues just a handful of investigations that fall into a sort of limbo each time a journalist is jailed or killed, it will already be a great victory for citizens.”

Will Potter

Author, journalist and internationally-recognized civil liberties advocate

“Truly inspirational and innovative work.”