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Find here all of Forbidden Stories’ annual reports. These reports will give you a detailed overview of the investigations we’ve published and of their international impact.

Word from Laurent Richard, founder and director – 2022 Report

“For the first time, in 2022, Forbidden Stories pursued the investigations of a journalist who had passed on his sensitive information to us before being murdered.

In the days leading up to his killing, Rafael Moreno was in contact with Forbidden Stories. The threats the Colombian journalist was receiving were becoming more and more disquieting. This is why Rafael had decided to share the information he was working on with us: so that in case anything happened to him, we could pursue his work.

At 7:10 p.m. on October 16, 2022, Rafael Moreno was shot dead in the city of Montelíbano, in the north of Colombia – a dangerous region dominated by the Gulf Clan, a powerful organized crime group.

Immediately after his death, we went to Colombia and united forces with 30 Latin American and international journalists to pursue Rafael’s unfinished work. At the time of his murder, he was looking into irregularities in the attribution of contracts for public works in Córdoba, as well as the health and environmental consequences of mining activities in the region. The Rafael Project will be published in 2023.

Like Rafael, dozens of journalists around the world are currently protecting their investigations through our SafeBox Network. Launched in May, this new network is quickly growing.

Its mechanism is essential because isolation can be deadly for journalists. The SafeBox Network breaks this pattern.

Some of these journalists – like Alfredo Guachiré in Paraguay, Paola Ugaz in Peru and Haruna Mohammed Salisu in Nigeria – have made the choice to make it publicly known that they’ve joined this network.

They are doing this for their own security, so that those who may have wanted to silence them will know that their stories will be revealed, one way or another, globally.

Even before the SafeBox Network was created, Moroccan journalist Omar Radi sent us information before he was imprisoned. This year, while he is still serving a 6-year sentence, we continued one of his investigations, showing how wealthy members of the King of Morocco’s inner circle became even richer by stealing land from a tribe of farmers near Rabat.

Omar Radi was one of the first known targets of Pegasus. Our consortium’s unprecedented investigation into abuses of this spyware, which we published in 2021, continued to have consequences in 2022.

It’s a further sign of the strength of our collaborative approach, which is all the more relevant in today’s context of increasing pressure on the environment and climate change.

Environmental damage is a global crime. The response must be global, because it concerns us all.

That’s why, in 2022, we also brought together 65 journalists to publish Mining Secrets. Following the Green Blood project, released three years ago, this investigation pursued the work of colleagues threatened for investigating environmental scandals in Guatemala – uncovering how damning scientific studies were hidden from public view, and how loyalties were bought through generous donations.

More than ever, we are making an impact. Our mission takes us right to the heart of society’s most pressing challenges.”

Laurent Richard

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